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Chemical Jigsaws Keys Stg 4 Upgrade



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As well as the molecules and equations using the Chemical jigsaw kit alone, a larger variety covering the vast majority of reactions encountered in Key Stage 4 (14-16) can be made. Thus groups of students can make each of the following using the Chemical jigsaw kit and the extra pieces listed below: Again, they can use a worksheet and make and write ¡®in turn¡¯. Atoms12 hydrogen atoms (small, white); 20 oxygen atoms (red); 8 carbon atoms (black); 2 nitrogen atoms (blue); 8 chlorine atoms (green); 2 bromine atoms (brown); 2 iodine atoms (purple); 2 flourine atoms (small, green); 1 sulfur atom (yellow); 1 phosphorus atom (pale blue); 1 silicon atom (grey).Bonds etc. (transparent, colourless)20 single bonds; 22 ¡®double¡¯ bonds.Total number of pieces to upgrade = 101 [42 bonds and 59 atoms].


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